Dick Lee watercolour 'Interior at Ingleville, France’

Dick Lee watercolour 'Interior at Ingleville, France’

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W: 53cm (20.9")H: 44cm (17.3")

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Dick Lee  'Interior at Ingleville, France' Watercolour on paper. Framed. Signed R. Lee bottom right.

Framed size 52.5 x 44 cm, image size 32 x 22 cm. Framed with conservation grade UV protection glass.

Provenance: Keys Auctioneers, Norfolk.

Excellent condition.

Richard (Dick) Lee (1923-2001) was a British artist born in what is now Zimbabwe. he studied at Clarkenwell School of Art under William Coldstream and Claude Rogers from 1947-50. His art was very much in the post-impressionist style. He favoured a figurative style (although there are a few abstract works) that is associate with Camberwell. He taught there from 1953 until 1982. His loose brushwork in various medium including oil, gouache and watercolour give his work a distinctive style. He did not follow avant-garde fashions during his career and as such his work, which is of the highest quality, remains somewhat underappreciated. He spent his later years painting in East Anglia and France.