Jean Pons Abstract Gouache, France 1954

Jean Pons Abstract Gouache, France 1954

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W: 39cm (15.4")H: 33cm (13")

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Jean Pons Abstract painting in gouache. Signed and dated 1954. Framed.

Excellent used condition.


Jean Pons (1913-2005) was a leading figure in the postwar Ecole de Paris. He was foremost a print and lithograph maker who worked with some of the leading artists of the time including Kandinsky, de Stael and Poliakoff. As well as producing prints of their work he also produced prints of his own sold in limited editions. He was also an artist. His early work was figurative but he turned to abstraction in the 1950s. Later work was part of the return to new forms of figuration mostly from the 1970s onwards.