Lars Norrman Car Mechanic Gouache Sweden 1960s

Lars Norrman Car Mechanic Gouache Sweden 1960s

Code: Z008P


W: 30.5cm (12")H: 25.5cm (10")


Lars Norrman, Car Mechanic, small gouache on paper, Signed. Framed. Dimensions are for the frame size.

Excellent condition.

Lars Norrman (1915-79) left school at 15 and began painting when he was in the merchant navy.  Because of the quality of his work he was encouraged to study art which he did in Stockholm from 1931-33. He then went to Paris where he studied with Fernand Leger during 1934-35.  He travelled widely and exhibited both paintings and lithographs regulalrly in Stockholm and Paris. He became best known after the war for his lighographs, incuding some that were used as poster designs by IKEA in the early 1970s. His work is now receiving the recognition it deserves.