Åke Holm Limited Edition Linocut Prints Sweden 1960s-70s

Åke Holm Limited Edition Linocut Prints Sweden 1960s-70s

Code: AH2


W: 23cm (9.1")H: 30cm (11.8")

£35.00 each plus postage Approx $44.19, €40.79, ¥7000

Signed linocut in modernist style by Swedish artist Åke Holm, c1960s-70s.

Excellent used condition. Unframed. Slight variation in sizes with some in mounts and others not.

£35 each.

Picture 1. Man pointing, tree and two people (SOLD)

Picture 2. David playing the harp for Saul (SOLD)

Picture 3. Woman and man in water (SOLD)

Picture 4. Knight in armour (SOLD)

Picture 5. Abraham and Isaac

Picture 6. Man with hand on boy's head

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Åke Holm (1900-80) was an artist and ceramicist based at Hoganas, Sweden. He often used biblical themes in his work but with a distinct modernist styling. Between 1966 and 1980 he produced a series of limited edition runs of these linocut prints. To date around 275 different imaged are know. His work is starting to get the recognition it deserves for its distinctive style. The museum in Hoganas holds a large collection of his work donated by the artist.