Gerhard Marcks

Gerhard Marcks "Job" woodcut 1963

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W: 33.5cm (13.2")H: 33cm (13")

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Gerhard Marcks "Job" woodcut, 1963. Signed bottom right and numbered bottom left #81/100. Image size 20x18cm. Newly re-framed.

Excellent condition.

Gerhard Marcks (1889-1981) was an important Twentieth Century expressionist artist and sculptor. After studying art and serving in the army during WWI in 1919 he became form master at the Bauhaus in Weimar under Walter Gropius. He ran the pottery studio at the Bauhaus until in relocated to Dassau in 1925.  He left and took up a position at the School of Applied Arts in Giebichenstein until he was fired by the Nazis in 1933. He was then banned from working as an artist and some of his work was included in the infamous degenerate art exhibition in Munich in 1937. After WWII he became Professor of Sculpture at the Art School in Hamburg where he remained for four years until he retired. In later life he continued to produce modernist figurative sculptures including the war memorials in Cologne and Hamburg. In 1979 he was awarded the Grand Cross of Merit by the West German government. He was also made an honorary member of the American Academy of Letters in 1980.  His early work in the expressionist style and his associations with the Bauhaus make him an important figure in the development of modernism in Germany.