Two Wedgwood colourless glass paperweights with bubbles

Two Wedgwood colourless glass paperweights with bubbles

Code: G603


H: 9cm (3.5")


Two Ronald Stennett Wilson small conical paperweights with internal bubble design. The simplicity of these suggests they could be from Stennett Wilson's time at Kings Lynn though this was a design he continued to use during his time at Wedgwood in the 1970s. Unsigned.

The price is for both which are sold as a pair.

Excellent condition.

Ronald Stennett Wilson (1915-2009) was one of the leading figures in post-war British glass design. He had a varied career as a journalist, salesman, Army captain during WWII, furniture designer and author on glass design. After the war he was strongly influenced by the modernist style in glass design coming from Sweden. He did much to introduce it to the British public from his work at Wuidart and Co. He began to design and sell his own glass designs. In 1969 he set up a Studio in Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Its early success led to the studio and its designs being bought out by the ceramics company Wedgwood who were diversifying into the glass market. Stennett Wilson worked for wedgwood Glass until he retired in 1979. His Scandinavian inspired modern style was hugely influential on other glass designers in Britain from the 1960s onwards.