Berndt Friberg bowl Gustavsberg Ankargods Mark 1940s

Berndt Friberg bowl Gustavsberg Ankargods Mark 1940s

Code: C158


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 6.5cm (2.6")


A very early violet-blue bowl with a haresfur glaze by Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg. This is signed on the base with a monogram and has the Gustavsberg marks for 1940-44 and the word Ankargods (anchor ware). These marks were only used on the very early pieces that Friberg signed under his own name for Gustavsberg.

Excellent used condition. Light surface marks but no damage.

Berndt Friberg (1899-1981) is regarded by many as one the greatest ceramicists of the 20th Century. As a thrower he was unsurpassed. He started out as a thrower for other designers (notably Wilhelm Kage at Gustavsberg) and only began signing his own work in 1938. After the success of his early exhibitions he became a designer in his own right. He designed, threw and glazed all his own pots. Every one is unique though he did use a range of shapes and types of glaze. Friberg’s work is now sought after worldwide and is in museums across the globe