Carl-Harry Stålhane Early Vase Rorstrand Sweden 1940s

Carl-Harry Stålhane Early Vase Rorstrand Sweden 1940s

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H: 18cm (7.1")

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Carl-Harry Stålhane textured stoneware vase for Rorstrand c1948. Initialled CHS Rorstrand Sverige.

Stålhane began working for Rorstrand in 1939 as a ceramics painter. During the 1940s he began to produce his own ceramic designs. He had his first exhibition of his own work in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenberg in 1948. This piece dates from that time. The word Sverige appears on the base of his early pieces. Later pieces have Sweden in English. An important early piece.

Excellent used condition.

Carl-Harry Stalhane (1920-90) was one of the leading ceramic designers in Sweden during the Twentieth Century. He joined Rorstrand as a ceramics painter in 1939 working with leading designers like Gunnar Nylund.  He began producing his own designs in the mid-1940s and had his first solo exhibition in 1948. His work during the 1950s, with its biomorphic and slender shapes and use of soft haresfur glazes, was very typical of Swedish ceramics during that decade.  During the 1960s his style changed and the pots became more chunky, robust and rustic in style and were seen as leading a style revolution in that decade. He left Rorstrand in the 1970s and set up his own studio where he worked until his death in 1990.