Erich and Ingrid Triller Tobo Vase Sweden 1940s

Erich and Ingrid Triller Tobo Vase Sweden 1940s

Code: C233


W: 7cm (2.8")H: 15cm (5.9")


A superb light blue glazed vase by husband and wife ceramicists Erich and Ingrid Triller. Their studio was in the Swedish village called Tobo which they used as the name for their wares. It is signed with that on the base. A particularly fine glaze in an unusual colour.

Excellent used condition.

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Erich Triller (1898-1972) and Ingrid Triller (1905-82) were a husband and wife team who made some of the finest ceramics in Sweden during the Twentieth century. They were trained in Germany and inspired by the design principles of the Bauhaus. Ingrid worked with Otto Lindig at the Keramische Werkstatt in Dornberg that was associated with the Bauhaus in the early 1930s.  They worked for 37 years until Erich's death in 1972. Any pot they made that was deemed not to be perfect was destroyed. Their ceramics are perfectionst examples of simplicity, style and Scandinavian elegance. Their ceramics are unadorned by surface decoration and usually have single colour glazes. However, these often reveal on closer inspection complex and subtle shading that make them stand out as true masterpieces of the ceramic art. Their work can be found in museums worldwide.