Per Linnemann-Schmitt Palshus blue dish Denmark 1960s

Per Linnemann-Schmitt Palshus blue dish Denmark 1960s

Code: C208


Di: 24cm (9.4")


A deep blue coloured dish by leading Danish ceramicist Per Linnemann-Schmitt from his Palshus studio. This is from the 1960s. The dish is in excellent used condition with light surface marks.

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Per Linnemann-Schmitt (1912-99) was a Danish sculptor and ceramicist.  His early career was dedicated to art but in 1949, along with his wife Annelise Linnemann-Schmitt, he set up a ceramics studio called Palshus. The studio ceramics from Palshus fall into two distinct styles. During the 1940s and 50s they produced pieces with biomorphic shapes and soft, plain haresfur glazes.  In keeping with the times, their style changed in the 1960s with more chunky and chamotte pieces being typical. This bowl is a 1960s design. Annelise sadly died in 1969. Palshus was closed in 1972 and Per went back to producing art for the rest of his life.