Saxbo stoneware dimpled circular vase Denmark 1950s

Saxbo stoneware dimpled circular vase Denmark 1950s

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H: 9cm (3.5")Di: 12cm (4.7")

£395.00 plus postage Approx $500, €460.91, ¥79000

Saxbo green stoneware vase with dimple pattern, Denmark 1950s. Unsigned. Saxbo ying-yang mark to base with Danmark spelt with an "a" which dates this to 1949-58. This changed to Denmark with an "e" for pieces from 1959-68. There is also a letter M on the base.

Excellent condition.

Saxbo was established as a ceramics studio on the site of Patrick Nordstrom's old studio after his death by Natalie Krebs and Gunnar Nylund in 1928. Nylund soon left for Rörstrand in 1930 but Krebs remained, re-named the studio Saxbo at this point and hired Eva Staehr-Nielsen as her leading designer and she remained there until the pottery closed in 1968. Along the way prominent designers like Axel Salto and Jais Nielsen designed pieces for this studio. In recent years Saxbo has become one of the most sought-after Danish ceramics studio and prices have risen rapidly.