Dealer Collectives on Instagram

Wednesday 6th May 2020 at 07:15

As the lockdown due to the pandemic continues both buyers and sellers are having to think about news ways of trading. Shops are closed, fairs are cancelled, but online remains open. Interesting things are happening on Instagram with vintage and midcentury right now. Some of the fair organisers are holding weekly or monthly online listings where dealers who normally sell at their fairs can be found displaying items for sale. For example, take a look at @centurytwenty and @solastc.

And sellers are starting to organise themselves into collectives to display their items together and scale up on their followers by promoting each other. Dealer collectives have existed for some time in antique shops where they have grouped together to share the rent but this is a new phenomenon online.

We have recently joined one such collective that can be found on Instagram  @themodernvintagecollective. Currently this includes 13 sellers of midcentury and vintage stock grouping together to post pictures of items we have for sale and promote each other to our followers. Posts on different days are themed so that similar things can be found on each day.There are also days where one of the sellers gets a day to profile themselves and their stock. You will find us there every Tuesday and Saturday as those are the days where the theme best fits with what we sell.

Given that when the lockdown eases it is unlikely things will return to how they were before the pandemic for months or possibly years we think a greater prominence to new ways of online selling will continue for some time.

So if you are looking for something vintage or midcentury, whether that be a toast rack or a sofa, a painting or a funky lamp, come along and have a look and follow @themodernvintagecollective.