Ja! Stimmen des Arbeitsrates Fur Kunst in Berlin 1919 Bauhaus

Ja! Stimmen des Arbeitsrates Fur Kunst in Berlin 1919 Bauhaus

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Ja! Stimmen des Arbeitsrates Für Kunst in Berlin. Published by Photographische Gessellschaft Charlottenberg, 1919, Berlin.

The book that launched the Bauhaus in 1919. A landmark publication in Twentieth Century art and design.

In the revolutionary period in Germany after World War One during 1918/19 a series of workers' councils (Soviets) were established to try and create a new society based on new ideas. One was the Arbeitsrates Für Kunst (artists' soviet). Its members included 41 one people prominent in progressive art and design in Germany at the time. Each published their views in a manifesto style statement in this book. Prominent figures include here are Walter Gropius, Lyonel Feininger, Gerhard Marcks, and many others. The book also includes 41 black and white plates of art, architecture and design. Gropius and others from this group went on to establish the Bauhaus school later in 1919.

Very good condition. An intact and clean copy. Minor losses to the spine cover. Signature and original bookshop stamp on end papers with Wilhelm Waetzoldt book stamp. His copy.

Wilhelm Waetzoldt (1880-1945) was an art historian who went on to become director general of the Berlin State Museums from 1927-33 until being expelled by the Nazis for promoting modern art and giving employment to Jewish people.