Eva Zeisel two Hallcraft plates, USA 1950s

Eva Zeisel two Hallcraft plates, USA 1950s

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W: 21.6cm (8.5")L: 19.5cm (7.7")

£45.00 Approx $56.96, €52.51, ¥9000

Eva Zeizel two Hallcraft side plates with printed platter, USA c1950s.

Excellent condition. Minor wear.

Eva Zeisel (1906-2011) was one of the pre-eminent industrial designers of the Twentieth Century. Hungarian born, she began designing modernist ceramics for German ceramics companies like Schramberg in the 1920s during her time in Weimar Germany. She also lived in the Sovien Union for 6 years in the 1930s. While she was there she was arrested during one of Stalin's purges and imprisoned for over a year. She was later deported to Austria during the Nazi rise to power. She fled to the USA via England. Once there she became one of the most influential designers in ceramics working for the Red Wing and Hall ceramics companies, producing modernist influenced tablewares that became part of the defining look of the 1940s and 50s. After spending much of the 1960s and 70s writing books she returned to design in the 1980s across a range of products from furniture to rugs to ceramics. One of the pre-eminent designers of the last 100 years her work is held in most of the major museums worldwide.