Arne Johansen abalone pendant, Denmark c1960s

Arne Johansen abalone pendant, Denmark c1960s

Code: J331


W: 1.3cm (0.5")L: 3.7cm (1.5")


Abalone pendant by Arne Johansen, Denmark c1960s. The pendant has an unusual domed back and could be worn on a torque or a chain (not included). The abalone shell glows green, blue and copper and golden shades when it reflects light. It is in excellent vintage condition. Marked AJ 925S.

Arne Johansen was a leader in the field of modernist design in Danish jewellery in the post-war years. He began his work in Roskilde in 1954 and remained there working until the studio closed in 1993. He is best known for his sleek, simple modern designs.