Björn Weckström 'Iguana' pendant necklace, Lapponia Finland 1973

Björn Weckström 'Iguana' pendant necklace, Lapponia Finland 1973

Code: J522


W: 2cm (0.8")H: 5cm (2")L: 73cm (28.7")


Björn Weckström 'Iguana' sterling silver and blue acrylic pendant on 73 cm bar chain for Lapponia, Finland. Hallmarked and dated 1975.

Excellent vintage condition. Light tarnish.

Björn Weckström (1935 -) is a leading Finnish designer world renown for his jewellery designs for Lapponia often inspired by forms in nature. He developed a distinctive sculptural look to to his work which has received international acclaim. He has had over 60 exhibitions of his work worldwide. Examples of his work can be found in museums such as the V&A in London and Museum of Modern Art in Boston.