Georg Jensen necklace by Henning Koppel, Denmark 1950s

Georg Jensen necklace by Henning Koppel, Denmark 1950s

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H: 2.5cm (1")L: 41cm (16.1")

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This fabulous modernist Georg Jensen necklace was designed by Henning Koppel in the 1950s. It's quite a statement piece! The clasp has a cabochon of jade (nephrite) with c1.5cm diameter.

It weighs c127g, its length, when worn, is 39cm and is in excellent used condition. It bears the Georg Jensen dotted oval for post-1945, 925S (for Sterling silver), Denmark, 130B.

Georg Jensen are world renowned Danish makers of the finest quality jewellery and other items. They were named after their founder (1866-1935) and were established in Denmark in 1904. They were leading designers in the Art Nouveau period in the early Twentieth Century and later adapted their style to the fashions of the day. After World War 2 they adopted a more modernist style and worked with a number of leading designers many of whom went on to great acclaim as pioneers of the modern Scandinavian style.

Henning Koppel (1918-81) was a versatile Danish artist and designer who produced some of the most famous modern designs in Scandinavian jewellery for Georg Jensen in the 1940s and 1950s. His fluid, serpentine shapes and freeforms links are some of the most recognisable examples of modernist jewellery design.