New Items February 2022

Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 09:53

Our items for this month include three paintings. We have another surreal beach scene in tempera on board by Eric Cederberg, an oil on canvas by the ever popular Fabian Lundqvist and a small watercolour through a window by Ole Jensen.

Top R  Eric Cederberg Beach scene with red apple. Tempera on board 1980. 46 x 40 cm.
Tope L  Ole Jensen abstract composition through a window, watercolour, Denmark c1960s. 28.5 x 36 cm.
Bottom  Fabian Lundqvist Two women sitting. Oil on canvas Sweden. 54 x 46.5 cm.

In our ceramics selection we have three pieces by Gunnar Nylund, two ewers and a small vase, a small vase by Carl-Harry Stalhane, all for Rörstrand, and two unique and beautifully glazed vases by Sven Wejsfeldt for Gustavsberg.

Clockwise from top L
Gunnar Nylund blue and purple ceramic ewer Rörstrand 1950s. H 17 cm.
Carl-Harry Stålhane small brown vase SVA Rörstrand Sweden 1960s. H 11.5 cm.
Gunnar Nylund green ceramic vase ASI Rörstrand Sweden 1950s. H 14.5 cm.
Gunnar Nylund ceramic ewer Rörstrand Sweden 1950s. H 20 cm.
Sven Wejsfelt unique blue stoneware vase Gustavsberg Sweden 1998. H 15.5 cm.
Sven Wejsfelt small unique blue stoneware vase Gustavsberg 2005. H 8 cm.

Wejsfeldt lived from 1930-2009 and spent most of his career at Gustavsberg. His work is strongly influenced by the perfectionist style of Berndt Friberg and makes a big thing of subtle and beautiful glazes. He was probably the leading ceramicist in Sweden in the last two decades of the Twentieth Century and the first of the 21st. His work now receives high acclaim for its beauty amongst collectors of studio ceramics.


We have also added two ceramic items to our international selection by Margarete Schott from Darmstadt in Germany. These also place a strong emphasis on glazes and add to the other pieces we already have by her.

Margarete Schott studio ceramic vase with crystalline glaze c1970s. H 5 cm.
Margarete Schott studio ceramic vase with blue and purple glaze c1970s. H 19 cm.


Our glass selection also has pieces by the versatile Gunnar Nylund in the form two so-called Shark tooth vases he designed for Strömbergshyttan. This are well known and sought after designs and have become somewhat iconic of the Scandinavian style in recent years. Our glass selection also includes a hand painted Tulipa vase by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien for Kosta Boda and a ball vase and matching bowl by Benny Motzfeldt for Plus Glass, Norway made in the early 1970s.

Clockwise from top L
Gunnar Nylund medium and tall shark tooth vases Strömbergshyttan Sweden 1950s. H 19 cm. £295, H 29 cm.
Ulrica Hydman-Vallien Tulipa vase Kosta Boda Sweden 1990s. H 16 cm.
Benny Motzfeldt ball vase with highlights Plus Glass Norway 1970s. H 17 cm, diam. 19 cm.
Benny Motzfeldt glass bowl with coloured inserts Plus glass Norway. Diam. 23 cm.


We also have another rya rug by Marianne Richter. This design is called Rosenkalla and comes in a great red colour. It measures 139x190cm.

Marianne Richter Rosenkalla Rya Rug Wahlbecks Ostergyllan Sweden 1950s. 139 x 190 cm. 


Our jewellery selection this month majors on items from Finland with pieces by Kultaseppa Salovaari, Arvo Saarela, and Matti Hyvarinen. There is also a Sami influenced pendant on a chain and a real statement rock crystal ring from G. Kaplan in Sweden.

Clockwise from top L
Silver ring by Kultaseppa Salovaara, Finland 1971. Inner diam. 19 mm, UK N+.
Silver pendant and chain designed by Matti Hyvarinen, Finland 1960s. Pendant height 7.3 cm. 
Sami design 830 silver pendant and chain, Finland 1976. Pendant diam. 5.5 cm. 
Silver ivy leaf design bracelet, Arvo Saarela, Sweden 1955. 19.5 cm. 
Silver and rock crystal ring, G Kaplan, Sweden 1967. Inner diam. 16.5 mm, UK size L. Crystal diam. 18 mm. 


Finally we have three silver pieces this month. There is a rare beaker by Danish silversmith Theodor Herss from the 1920s in the Secessionist style, a bowl with leaf pattern by Erlandssons Silvervarfabriks, hallmarked in Sweden for 1923 and a later silver dish from the Borgila studio in Stockholm from 1950.

Top  Theodor Herss Secessionist silver beaker Denmark c1920s. H 7 cm. 
Bottom L  Erlandssons Silvervarfabriks silver bowl with leaf pattern Sweden 1923. H 12 cm, diam. 16.5 cm. 
Bottom R  Borgila modernist silver dish Sweden 1950. Diam. 11.5 cm.