New Items for May 2022

Sunday 8th May 2022 at 07:33

This month has what we think is one of our most exciting selections of new stock items we have listed to date. 

There are numerous highlights this month but we think we have to begin with the small stoneware jug by Dame Lucie Rie. Rie was one of the pioneers of modernism in ceramics and is now held in the very highest esteem for her work across the world. This beautiful item, of museum quality, is so simple but its combination of shape and glaze demonstrates the outstanding quality of her work.

Lucie Rie stoneware jug in manganse and pitted white glaze.

We also highlight a small oil painting by Swedish artist Esaias Thoren. We currently list a preparatory study of birds by him in pencil but this work is an abstract landscape with great colour, texture and composition. It is a fine work by a significant artist.

Esaias Thoren Abstract Composition, Oil on Board, 1952

A third piece that we really want to bring to your attention is the silver bowl with handles by Swedish silversmith Erik Fleming from 1935. Fleming was one of the pioneers of the art-deco style, better known as Swedish Grace in his home country and this is an important piece from the best decade for that style.

Erik Flemin Silver bowl for Borgila, Sweden 1935

There are lots of other fine items in this month’s list. We include glass by Mona Morales Schildt, Bertil Vallien (including a rare, unrecorded miniature), Gunnar Nylund, Edvin Ohrstrom, Bengt Orup and Fritz Kallenberg. From Britain we have a stylish modernist vase by David Queensberry for Webb Corbett from the 1960s.

Glass by Mona Mrales-Shildt (blue) and Bertil Vallien (pink)

Clockwise from top left: Glass by Gunnar Nylund, Edvin Öhrström, Fritz Kallenberg and Bengt Orup.

Vase by David Queensberry for Webb Corbett


Alongside the Rie stoneware jug we also have a good selection of Scandinavian ceramics including a bowl for Royal Copenhagen by Jorgen Mogensen, three pieces by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand, and also two others for them by Carl-Harry Stalhane.

Clockwise from top left: Jorgen Mogense, three pieces by Gunnar Nylund.

Clockwise from L: two pieces by Carl-Harry Stålhane, base of bowl Gunnar Nylund.


In our metal section we have a stainless steel cup designed by Stuart Devlin, still in its original box. There is also a Jugenstil/Art Nouveau ear silver pedestal bowl with import hallmarks for C G Hallenberg in Sweden from 1917. And in homewares we couldn’t resist including the plastic serving tray in blue and pink for Opa, Finland designed by leading Finnish glass designer Timo Sarpeneva.

Clockwise top L: Stuart Devlin, C. G. Hallenberg, Timo Sarpaneva

Finally there are two silver brooches designed by the ever popular Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen in Denmark. These are both well-known designs from the 1940s that were years ahead of their time in design.