Object of the week

Sunday 8th November 2020 at 08:47

We've decided that every Sunday we will write a short blog to highlight one of the items for sale on our website.

Today we choose a small Graal bowl by Eva Englund for Orrefors. The Graal technique involves creating a pattern where one layer of glass is placed over others and then encased in colourless glass. It was a technique invented at Orrefors in 1916 and subsequently perfected there. All of the leading designers at Orrefors over the years have created Graal pieces.

They are all complex and highly technically accomplished. Along with Ariel glass (like Graal but with the incorporation of air into the design) they are amongst the most desirable of glass object available. They are also often rare.  Because of their complexity they are always expensive and difficult to make. While repeat patterns do exist you will often find unique examples in this type of glass. In many respects they are the showcase objects for any designer.

This particular Graal bowl in mauve-pink and blue was made in 1986 and has a delicate foliage pattern. It was designed by Eva Englund (1937-98). She joined Orrefors in 1973 and stayed there until 1990. She is particularly well known for her Graal designs. This is one of two bowls by her that we currently have for sale. As well as nature designs like this she is well known for the depiction of faces in her Graal vases and other items.

This particular examples in 8cm high and 13cm wide at the widest part. It comes with a wooden plinth which sets it off beautifully. You will find it in the glass section for sale at £355.