Object of the week

Sunday 15th November 2020 at 08:14

This week our object of the week is this Amsterdam School newspaper holder. Made to hang on a wall is shows a modernist de Stijl styling and dates from the 1920s.

The Amsterdam school was an important expressionist influenced architecture movement in Amsterdam that was active in the years from c1910-40. Drawing on the arts and crafts tradition its architects produces public, private and ecclesiastical buildings in brick. Spanning the periods accociated with Art Nouveau and Art Deco it took influence from both but produced a distinctive style in its own right. 

Designers also produced items for the home including lights, windows, furniture, and interior design objects often in metal or wood. There is no single Amsterdam School style, it took a range of references from different artistic movements at the time and came up with a style of its own. This one shows the influence of the Dutch de Stijl movement in its use of geometric abstract forms and pared back simplicity in design.

You can find this piece for sale in our Amsterdam School section.