Lisette Norlander röllakan rug for Erik Lundberg, Sweden

Lisette Norlander röllakan rug for Erik Lundberg, Sweden

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W: 88cm (34.6")L: 155cm (61")

£395.00 plus postage Approx $500, €460.91, ¥79000

Lizette Norlander Swedish woollen röllakan for Erik Lundberg with a floral design in pink, blue, green and natural shades. Dimensions exclude the plaited fringes which measure c 15 cm at each end. This reversible rug has the V mark for Vävaregården.

Clean and in excellent vintage condition.

The rug is shown in a room setting. The offer is for the rug only.

Erik Lundberg began producing handwoven röllakans in Malmö in the 1960s. His company was bought then he moved on and started another business near Karlskrona producing rugs and wallhangings. His staff included his daughter, Gertie, who became the company's artistic director in 1988. Another designer for him was Lizette Norlander. The company is no longer with the Lundberg family but many of the designs are still produced.

Röllakan rugs are an important part of the Swedish textile tradition. Initially part of the peasant craft dating back to the middle-ages they were given a modern make-over by the Swedish textile designer Märta Måås-Fjetterström in the early years of the Twentieth century.  She went on to inspire and train many designers who produced high quality hard wearing woollen rugs with a typical muted Scandinavian palette and suble modern motifs. They are real works of art as well as functional homeware items and are an essential feature of the Scandinavian look.