Bertil Vallien Glass Boat Sculpture Kosta Boda Sweden c1990s

Bertil Vallien Glass Boat Sculpture Kosta Boda Sweden c1990s

Code: G612


H: 6.5cm (2.6")L: 17cm (6.7")


Bertil Vallien Limited edition glass boat with internal portrait of a female head wearing a crown. The boat, which is sand cast, sits on its original wooden plinth. For Kosta Boda c1990s. Signed to the base 8BVAAT 97900 3/300. Original Kosta Boda sticker on the side.

Excellent condition. No issues.

These boats, which are highly symbolic, contain glass and other inserts, in this case a foil portrait, inside the boat form. They were issued either as limited editions (smaller sizes) or as unique works (larger sizes) and range in size from 17cm up to life-size! The top is clear so it can be seen into and the base is in coloured glass often in a range of colours. Vallien has produced a wide range of designs in his career but these boat sculptures are amongst his best and most recognisable works. We think, in time, they will come to be seen as some of the most important pieces of glass design produced in the late Twentieth Century.

Bertil Vallien (1938 -) is one of the greatest living glass designers from Sweden. Best known for his sandcast glass sculptures, he designed a full range of items from tablewares to art glass to one-off commissions. Highly expressionist in style with often coded meanings his work epitomises the postmodern stylisic playfulness that came to prominence in the latter decades of the Twentieth Century. He has exhibited his work worldwide.