Edvin Öhrström graal bowl Orrefors Sweden 1950

Edvin Öhrström graal bowl Orrefors Sweden 1950

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H: 8cm (3.1")Di: 23.5cm (9.3")

£350.00 £450.00 plus postage Approx $443.6, €409.84, ¥70000

Edvin Öhrström one-off Graal Bowl for Orrefors, Sweden with green and brown coloured glass and circular internal lines.  Signed and individually numbered: Orrefors graal S 168L E ÖHrström.

From catalogues this number dates the piece to 1950.

Excellent used condition. Very minor surface marks some from use and others from manufacture. No chips or significant scratches.

Edvin Öhrström (1906-94) was a Swedish sculptor and glass designer. During the period 1932-57 he worked at Orrefors for two months a year. Along with Vicke Lindstrand he developed the ariel glass technique where layers of glass and bubbles were incorporated in the glass as part of the design. He also designed a wide range of etched and other glass that often has a strong sculptural character. His work is held in museums worldwide.