Ingeborg Lundin Orrefors Graal bowl Sweden 1967

Ingeborg Lundin Orrefors Graal bowl Sweden 1967

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W: 16cm (6.3")H: 9cm (3.5")

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Ingeborg Lundin purple Graal bowl for Orrefors. Fully signed, numbered and dated 1967.

Excellent used condition.

Ingeborg Lundin (1921-92) was a glass designer for Orrefors where she worked from 1947-71. Her Apple vase is one of the most iconic pieces of Scandinavian glass ever made. She helped to transform the style of glass made at Orrefors after the war. Her engraved glass, glass objects, Graal and Ariel pieces are all amongst the finest pieces of post-War glass design. She won the Lunning prize in 1954 and a gold medal at the Milan Triennale for her Apple vase in 1957. Her work is represented in the National Museum in Stockholm, The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and at many museums worldwide.