Jacob Bang Early Holmegaard green bowl c1937

Jacob Bang Early Holmegaard green bowl c1937

Code: G063


H: 17cm (6.7")Di: 13.5cm (5.3")


An early, rare piece of Holmegaard glass from Denmark designed by Jacob E. Bang in 1937.  Deep green colour with flowing glass over a round body. Transitional between Art-Deco and modernist style. Contemporary with Alvear Aalto's  original Savoy glass from the same year.

Bang moved to work at Holmegaard in 1928 and mainly designed tablewares for them. In the 1930s, influenced by the great French Art-Deco glass designer Maurice Marinot, he produced a range of art glass pieces that are amonst the earlies examples of Scandinavian modernist glass. Some of these are only known in unique examples. Others, like this one, were put into production and a number of examples are known, mainly in either green or brown glass. A rare and stunning early piece of Scandianavian glass.

Excellent used condition. Unsigned (all known examples of this design were unsigned). For more information see the online hardernet museum catalogue resource on Danish design under Jacob E Bang.

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Jacob E. Bang (1899-1965) was one of the great pioneers in Scandinavian glass. Originally trained as an architect, he began producing designs for Holmegaard, Denmark as their artistic director in 1928 and worked for them until 1941. From 1943-57 he focused on ceramic designs for Nymolle before returning to glass design in 1957 with Kastrup.