Severin Brørby Bowl Hadeland Norway 1950s

Severin Brørby Bowl Hadeland Norway 1950s

Code: G162


H: 7cm (2.8")Di: 24cm (9.4")


Severin Brørby designed green glass bowl with a series of raised glass circles around the outside. Made by Hadeland and with their mark and number 7032 and initials SB etched to the base. This dates to the late 1950s.

Excellent used condition. Minor wear marks to the rim but no chips or scratches.

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Severin Brørby (1932-2001) was a leading Norwegian glass designer who spent much of his time with the firm of Hadeland. He became their artistic director in 1956 and produced a range of designs until leaving to go freelance in 1984. His work is held in museums across the Scandinavian countries.