Vicke Lindstrand Vase, Kosta, Sweden 1959

Vicke Lindstrand Vase, Kosta, Sweden 1959

Code: G284


H: 10cm (3.9")


Vicke Lindstand vase for Kosta, Sweden, with purple-black threads internal to the glass. Produced in 1958-59. Signed to the base LH1402. 

Excellent used condition.

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Viktor (Vicke) Lindstrand (1904-83) was one of the pioneers of Swedish glass. He began his work at Orrefors in 1928 producing many high quality pieces of etched glass and Graal glass in an Art Deco style. Along with Edvin Ohrstrom he pioneered the Aerial glass technqiue. In the 1940s he moved to Uppsala Ekeby to design ceramics. He returned to glass design in 1950 but to the other leading glass factory in Sweden, Kosta, where he became artistic director. The diversity and originality of his work both before and after the war makes him one of the foremost glass designers in Sweden. His work is held in museums worldwide.