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Goran Hongell Karhula amethyst octagonal bowl Signed and dated 1933


Code: G116


H: 9.5cm (3.7")Di: 16cm (6.3")

An outstanding piece of early Finnish modern glass by Goran Hongell for Karhula. Signed and dated 1933. Beautiful deep amethyst  colour with sharp octagonal shape.

Along with Arttu Brummer, Alio Aalto and Alvar Aalto, Goran Hongell was one of the pioneers of modernism in glass designs in Finland. Many date the first stirrings of modern design in Finland to around 1929.  Signed and dated for 1933, this is an exceptionally early piece of modern glass design.

Excellent used condition.

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Goran Hongell (1902-73) was one of the pioneers of modern glass design in Finland. He joined Iittala-Karhula in 1932 and stayed with them until he retired in 1957. Best known for his modern, streamlined table glass designs he also produced some high quality art glass. Some of these were pieces of engraved glass, others with simple shapes and line. An important designer of modernist glass from before World War II.