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Hans Ancher Wolfsen Bing and Grondahl Vase Denmark 1920s


Code: C065


H: 16.5cm (6.5")

A rare Bing and Grondahl vase from the 1920s signed AW and numbered 1542. This is by Hans Ancher Wolfsen and dates to the mid-1920s. Very fine tea dust glaze in shades of green.

Excellent used condition.

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Hans Ancher Wolfsen (1870-1924) was a ceramicist based in Denmark in the early part of the Twentieth Century. He started out at the Soholm factory which was part-owned by him and his brother. They sold it in 1912. He worked there from 1887-1908 working in the Art Nouveau style. Today he is best known for the pieces he designed for the Bing and Grondahl factory. Some of the glazes are superb.