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Marianne Westman Chamotte Studio vase Rorstrand Sweden 1960s

£325.00 Plus postage Approx $406.25, €384.62, ¥54167

Code: C269


H: 23cm (9.1")

Marianne Westman limited edition Atelje (studio) Chamotte  vase for Rorstrand, Sweden 1960s. Factory marks and initials to the base.

Excellent used condition. Rough textured with fired clay inclusions and complex glaze is all integral to the design.

Marianne Westman (1928-2017) is best known for the tableware designs she produced for Rorstrand during the 1950s-70s especially the Picknick and Red Top ranges that are the epitome of the mid-century style and are now highly collectable. During the 1960s she also began to produce studio ceramic pieces at the factory using chamotte clays and simple glazes.  Her work is now receiving the international recognition it deserves.